About Me

Alessandro Pardi

I am Alessandro, an Italian wedding Videographer and I am passionate about the reportage. I love telling stories and enriching them with the spontaneity of those who live them. I always try to materialize emotions, almost like a modern storyteller, in order to give them to whom was not present.
So, before telling your story let me take your hand and present you my own story. I love to tell events using images, I have always done ever since  I can remember, looking for that special thing or emotion that makes you feel into the sceneI followed artistic paths that have increased my creativity, but since I was little I have always been fascinated by the search for a beautiful and authentic tale.
I remember that, as a child, when I was listening to a story I was always asking myself whether things really went that way and I was always looking for the details that could make it a bit mine.
I love the reportage because it allows me to tell the beauty of a trip, the bend that the mouth takes just before turning into a smile, and the Love, that of eyes and hands intertwining in a moment, a moment that will last eternally for those who lived it or even only seen it. This is what makes me feel important and is the reason I deeply respect my job and do my utmost to give a tangible emotion to those who rely on me.
The happiness of the spouses is my priority and that is why I try to empathize with them immediately, knowing them and above all listening to them.
It is not enough to know each other, for a better understanding you also have to listen. Based on the emotions the bride and groom convey to me, I propose them an always one of a kind way of telling their wedding day-this is theirs and no one elseOnce the big day arrives I try to work in an unobtrusive way with attention to the research of the naturalness and the spontaneity of the moment.
I usually ask the spouses for only a few minutes with me:  this is just a little consideration that really makes them the undisputed protagonists of this special day.  On that occasion, the bride and the groom feel at ease and comfortable and they let themselves go.
It happens to me quite often, when I am away and I think to my family to find myself in those emotions. My wife and my children are my safe heaven and when the lights go out and a new family is born…I always go back home to join them with a heart full of joy, yet ready to build another piece of us.
Because love is still the only thing that gives more than it receives.