Short Wedding Film | Ostuni, Puglia – Italy

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Short Wedding Film | Ostuni, Puglia – Italy
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Anna and Daniele and their traditional Wedding in Ostuni, Apulia

Anna and Daniele chose a romantic destination wedding in Puglia, ancient land where Daniele was born.


We enter on tip toe in the beautiful surrondings of Ostuni, White City of Salento, and find ourselves at Masseria Montalbano, a XVI century village which is an expanse of white lime and of centuries-old olive trees in a typical Italian view.

Excited and involved we attend the most intimate preparations and we feel how the suspense heightens in the heart of Anna and Daniele.

We smile together with Anna and her sister during their preparation and we would like to adjust Daniele’s boutonnière.

The care of the preparations and the fittings makes us enter into the spirit of the event that Marriage & Glamor / has expertly designed together with the bride and groom.

And so we find ourselves to the wedding vows, spoken in Italian and Russian, a very touching moment that brings with it the whole collaboration and respect that the spouses choose to give themselves.

After the moment of the elegant glances between Anna and Daniel, we go to the party among the tables and to the passion of the rhythmical and enjoying steps of the “pizzica”- a traditional dance from Apulia.

We follow the guests, the dancers and the spouses in their circling… and we almost struggle to distinguish them because even our eyes and our feet imitate this relentless and accentuated rhythm of the triplets typical of Salento dance.

A continuous but so beautiful and evocative rush that brings to mind the love of the couple and friends:

The love of those who fill the glass with vodka and toast with Anna, the love of friends of a lifetime singing to Daniele ‘Tu Vuò Fa’ L’Americano’- (You wanna do the American) and dancing until late night to celebrate.

And then again the couple’s love that is strengthened by this eternal promise and that we relive every time we see Anna and Daniel looks.


Ostuni, Puglia

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